Best post workout diet

Best post workout diet

Pre-workout diet is important as it directly affects the quality of your workout it is the fuel you are putting into the tank before the race. before reading this article you can read my previous article about pre-workout from here pre-workout diet.

coming to the post-workout this the effective time to take correct food. while you are doing workout your body breaks down and consumes fuel from what you eat before workout that is pre-workout and your muscles use available protein to rebuild at the workout time and after workout your body will be in a good position to absorb a good amount of protein and carbs.

Here I explained about the food you should consume in certain time intervals after a workout.

immediately after workout:

Now you have to consider your body after the exercise so after exercise, you have damaged muscles of your body in order to repair those muscles you need to fill your fuel tank again with the right and clean food.
Post workout diet should begin with high GI or simple carbohydrates because it is easy for our body to break these carbs and get immediate high energy from these carbs and this carbohydrate help your body to recover easily so that major energy gives you a major recovery.
You can consume anything such as high GI foods or anything with slightly high sugar so you can choose a medium amount of sugar drink like a Gatorade, tang, glucon-d but don't go over with it because you can get a fat from them. and another great effect of high GI carbs is it gives an insulin spike insulin is a hormone in your body which improves your protein absorption so super high GI carbs with some form of protein that will be the best option to take and this is also a great time for a supplement like whey protein which is the best form of protein. I personally recommend optimum nutrition which I use and it works perfectly for me.

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30 min - 60 min after workout:

This meal is the most important meal of the day especially for beginners at this time your body will be in an anabolic window this anabolic window lasts for a while after your workout. For the best results make sure that your post workout meal is as close to your workout as possible. this meal has to be the biggest meal of the day and has to have large form of protein personally my favourite choice is about 6 eggs which are great form of protein along with this protein it is ideal to consume some kind of low GI carbs or Complex carbohydrates good options are brown rice, oats, and sweet potato. you need to understand it's hard for your body to break down this Complex carbohydrate as your body's breaking them down there is a slow release of energy and over time your body has a constant supply of energy this comes to recover the muscles.

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2 hrs - 3 hrs after workout:

If you want to take your post workout for father that means know after 2 to 3 hours of your workout try to consume slow digestive protein like red meat or Milk products it is hard to break this protein so you have a constant slow supply coming to your muscles. depending upon your fitness goals you can increase or decrease carbohydrates in your meal.

So this is the perfect post-workout diet and if you have any doubt you can ask me by commenting below.
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