Best pre-workout diet

Best pre-workout diet

Here I want to make it clear that the concepts I am going to tell now is applicable for every one irrespective of gender age or even the kind of exercise you are going to do like if you are going to lift heavy weights or you are going for a long run these concepts will apply for you.

According to me being fit is primarily upon what you eat and the kind of activity you do will since the path for the body to grow on but your fitness completely depends upon the food that you are putting into your body. The key to getting fit is that you need to stop looking your body as just a body but you need to look it as a machine for example if you put dirty diesel in to the car like Ferrari its engine gets spoiled and the same thing applies to your body if you put dirty food inside your body it will not perform to its maximum level and this exact concept is applicable for the food you eat around your workout the food that you eat before workout will show effect on your performance in the gym or in the race track. the timelines to begin the pre-workout diet are

1 hour before workout:

One hour before workout you need to get sufficient amount of protein because when you are exercising or when you are lifting weights or when you are running then you are constantly causing bit damage in your muscles to repair that damage you need a steady supply of protein from your body and you need to be selective about the kind of protein you are consuming in your body so you can take a few eggs or egg whites or even some white meat like chicken or fish and for vegetarians you can have dall, beans, and sprout. some precautions you have to take for kind of protein you are consuming you cant consume red meats because they have very high-fat contents and fat tends to slow you down and also milk-based proteins they are best but they have a lot of fat and they take a long time to digest so it slows down your metabolism so remember red meets and milk products get you slow down.
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45 min - 30 min before workout:

Now you want to fill your fuel tank with energy and the best source of energy is always carbohydrates there are two rules for selecting your carbohydrates.

 1. Fat content:

Fat makes you slow down so it is not good for pre-workout.

2. Sugar content: 

Suger gives you a sugar rush which is followed by low energy levels so in the middle of your workout you will get sink so avoid food with sugar content and also avoid hygienic foods because they have high sugar content eg: mangoes, pineapples, and watermelons.

Good options for fruits to consume are bananas and apples and even better than fruits are slow digesting carbs eg: brown rice, oats, sweet potato these are slow digesting carbs because when you are working out you have a constant supply of slowly released energy.

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15 min - 30 min before workout: 

Now this is actually least important and this is even not necessary for many people is caffein bost it take your athletic and physical performance to next level so make caffeine as your diet part only if necessary specially if you are lifting weights or heavy lifting section then caffeine is very good option and the thing you need to remember is you should not add milk and sugar to your caffeine it slowdowns the absorption of the caffeine

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This is the perfect pre-workout diet and if you have any doubt about this article you can ask by commenting below.
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