Diet for weight gaining- MEN AND WOMEN

Diet for weight gaining- MEN AND WOMEN

In this article, I am going to tell you the best diet for weight gaining or bulking. most of the people are worried about being skinny and they start going for the gym and do hard workouts for months but they won't get results because they won't concentrate on the food which they are taking.

Today I am going to give you 5 easy and delicious diet tips for gaining weight fast and in a fun way, this could really help to increase your weight and to reach your goal.

1. Healthy fats:

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Coconut oil, olive oil contains healthy fats which are good for your body. Oil is very calory dens 100gms of oil has 884kcal for reference 100gms of paneer has 100kcal and 100gms of eggs has only 150kcal whereas 854 kcal is far away from 100 and 150 kcal if you are finding hard to reach your calory goal a quick tip is to pour some of these healthy oils all over the food that you are eating it doesn't mater chicken, salad, paneer etc you can use same logic of fats over butter baking fat and something like that but those fats are not healthy for you whereas these fats are healthy add more of the healthy fats to be healthy from inside

2. Full-fat dairy:

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Now I have seen that in cities many people are starting to prefer skimmed milk compared to whole milk traditionally whole milk is used in Indian houses if you want to gain weight just kick skimmed milk out of your home and start drinking whole milk. let's break it down skimmed milk has 34kcal in 100gms whereas whole milk has 60 kcal in 100gms it is almost 6 times double of skimmed milk if you are trying to lose weight skimmed milk is better but if you want to gain weight you should take whole milk.

3. Cheese:

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technically cheese comes under the full-fat dairy but who doesn't love cheese its one of the tastiest thing in the world just how you are pouring healthy oil all over the food same way you can scrape some cheese all over your food it is not only tasty but it also full fills both 100 gms cheese contains 400kcal and 25gms protein it satisfies both your protein goal and calories goal.

4.Nuts and nut butter:

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Nuts are calorie dense food which also gives you a decent amount of protein according to me nuts are the ideal snacks to be consumed for bodybuilding so keep them always with you in the middle when you feel hungry start munching them. now coming to nut butter the only nut butter available in India is peanut butter but in other countries, you can get many nut butters like almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter etc. so peanut butter contains 588 kcal and 25 gms of protein in100gms of peanut butter it has high-end proteins and high-end calories it makes perfect bulking food for you.

5. Egg yolk:

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Don't throw away the egg yolk they are healthy for you now lets talk about the calories and protein in egg yolk 100gms egg white has 17 kcal and 3.5gms protein and egg yolk have about 55kcal and 3 gms protein so if you want to bulk up consume them in my experience whole eggs are the ideal food for bulking they help you hit your calory goal and protein goal and they are cheap and they taste delicious whole eggs are more important than all the points which I have mentioned above.

So these are the 5 diet tips to gain weight if you have any doubt you can ask me by commenting below I am ready to answer you.

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