Science behind the sleep

Science behind sleep

To reach your fitness goal sleep plays a major role if you are not getting enough sleep daily means there is a lot of chance for you to not reach your fitness goal either it may be weight gaining or weight loss so you need to know that sleep is important for you in order to lose weight or muscle gaining.

Why sleep is important for you? lets discourse science behind sleep.

A study was done on two groups of people and both were kept on exact calorie diet but one group was allowed to sleep more than 7 hours a day and the other was allowed to sleep less than 7 hours a day but both groups were kept on the exact caloric deficit diet so the variable was sleep and after a certain  time it was observed that group which slept more than 7 hours a night ended up by burning more than 55% of fat compared to the second group the weight loss was same but people who slept burnt more fat.
Now I am getting into the science why the sleep helps with the fitness levels? more about today's topic is about optimizing your sleep to burn fat but first, let's talk about the science of sleep.

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The first aspect of sleep:

The first thing you need to understand is when you go to the gym or when you do the exercise it's just a trigger for your body to grow and your body doesn't grow in the gym it grows in the home where you are taking rest. talking about the sleep the primary advantage of getting a good night rest is your body releases the anabolic hormones like igf 1 which is human growth hormone so the more you sleep the better secretion of hormone occurs and maximum gains and maximum fat loss depends upon your sleep.

The second aspect of sleep:

The second aspect of sleep is catabolic hormones catabolism means destruction basically the hormones harms your gains in a long term so we are talking about cortisol here the elevated levels of cortisol actually link to fat deposition in the long term so a lot of your stubborn fat might be linked to you because not sleeping enough at night because of elevated levels of cortisol in your bloodstream.

The third aspect of sleep: 

The third aspect of sleep science is the hunger hormone when you don't have enough sleep your leptin levels and ghrelin levels are not stable so this leads to feel you never get satisfy your hunger and this is somthing called over eating and in this process, many of them end up in putting littel bit of weight.

The final aspect of sleep:

The final aspect of sleep is not related to hormones but it mostly related to your muscular System and nervous system in any form of exercises especially like weight gaining you are using your muscles and nervous system and when you sleep the coordination and the reflection of your nervous system works fine and your Muscular System is working better and this basically means that your performance in the gym and during the exercises becomes better and it means a bigger gains in your body.

So I think you have understood the science behind the sleep if you have any doubt you can ask me by commenting below.
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